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April 18th New Moon Astrology Horoscope with Michael Reed

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April 8th 2015 Weekly Astrology Horoscope with Michael Reed

Lunar Horoscope

Aries New Moon in Ashwini April 2015

Time heals all wounds…..but over time. And there’s no use trying to rush the process. You can fake something in your head, but not your heart. But when heart and head meet, miraculous change is possible. A New Moon in Aries and Ashwini brings the potential for profound change. It is preceded by a Venus-Saturn Opposition. Within the same week, Pluto will station Retrograde and Mars and Pluto will form a harmonious trine!

1. Overview/Summary 0:00
2. Saturn Opposes Venus (New Phase Nurtured Over Time) 5:45
3. Pluto Stations Retrograde (Fires of Purification Within) 9:50
4. Mars Square Jupiter (Patience Pays) 12:33
5. New Moon in Aries and Ashwini (Speed of Light? Too Slow!) 14:25
6. Mercury Sextile Neptune (The Fog Clears) 16:21
7. Venus Square Neptune (The Devil is in the Details) 17:46
8. Mercury Square Jupiter (The Hypnotist) 19:22
9. Mars Trine Pluto (The Explosive Truth) 20:35
10 Closing 23:00

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