April 24th Weekend Astrology Horoscope Predictions by Athen Chimenti

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April 24th 2015 Weekend Astrology Horoscope Predictions by Athen Chimenti

Weekend Horoscope


Weekend Sidereal Astrology April 24 25 & 26 2015

We enter the first quarter phase of the Lunar Cycle in Aries this weekend. With the Moon in Cancer, finding the balancing point between introversion and extroversion will be the challenge. By bringing our emotions out into what we’re involved with will be the flow that is available towards our horoscope goals and drives.

Friday and Saturday Mercury Sextiles Chiron making it a great time to do anything horoscope relating to talking, learning, or teaching. On Sunday Venus sextiles Uranus, making the second half of the weekend a great time for mixing things up and doing things out of the ordinary.

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