April 27th Weekly Horoscope Predictions by Jennifer Angel

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April 27th 2015 Weekly Horoscope Predictions by Jennifer Angel

Weekly Horoscope

Emotional TAURUS:
Love goddess Venus, lover of all things beautiful, rules Taurus horoscope and this vibration also influences your inner mood making you a sensitive and caring person, which means you are well liked but can be taken advantage of. When in love, you give your all, but expect the same back. And if you feel suspicious of your horoscope partner, you can be possessive and controlling. When your desires are not met or you are disrespected in some way and become hurt, you can close off and repress your emotions, giving you time to sort out in your mind and heart how the land lies. If treated well, you are open, loving, and sensual; the best ever lover or friend. Your emotions are soothed by your horoscope surroundings and you cope better with life if those surroundings provide security and comfort.

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