April 29th Weekly Astrology Horoscope by David Palmer

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April 29th 2015 Weekly Astrology Horoscope by David Palmer

Astrology Horoscope

Uncut Weekly Astrology Horoscope: 4/29-5/5 2015 Full Moon in Scorpio Sq Jupiter

When you purchase a reading from Inclusive Astrology, be prepared to have your soul rocked! The horoscope reading will consist of David going through your natal horoscope chart and using his spiritual channel to interpret what is happening in your life, what he sees in your future and will answer your questions regarding love, work, your spiritual journey and more! David’s horoscope channel is very sharp and will pick up on the energy you are going through and more importantly, he will guide you using the message spirit wants to direct you in. David uses state of the art chart systems and will run all astrology charts that are used in today’s advanced horoscope chart programs. David will give you a deep and advanced look into spirit that you have never had access to before!

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