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Grand Cross September 17 by Debra Silverman

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The Grand Cross: September 17th daily astrology horoscope predictions with Debra Silverman.

Kari Samuels April 2014 Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs

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Just found out about Kari Samuels monthly horoscopes for all zodiac signs which I will start following on a regular basis, I guess. Why? Well, listen to her patient explanations, encouragement and words of advice. Fabulous!

April 2014 Astrological Predictions by Kathy Rose

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I┬áchose Kathy Rose‘s video because her April reading is relevant both for this and the following month!

Daily Horoscope by Leo King

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David Palmer, aka Leo King, is by all means among my favorite (daily) inspirational astrologers ­čÖé

Libra Lunar Eclipse and the Cardinal Grand Cross Kelley Rosano

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If you liked my previous selection of┬áCardinal Grand Cross and Lunar Eclipse videos, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one by Kelley Rosano where you’ll learn not only of astral planetary aspects, but also probiotics! Have fun!

Cardinal Grand Cross 2014 by Barbara Goldsmith

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In between Barbara Goldsmith’s April and May 2014 horoscope predictions, there are ┬áa few great videos on Lunar eclipse and Cardinal grand cross which you can always follow on her Youtube channel.

Lunar Eclipse in Libra April 2014 by Sonja Francis

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There are a few very detailed reports on Lunar eclipse on 15th April 2014 and Grand Cross on 20th April 2014, which I wanted to share with you. The first is by Sonja Francis which I’m sure you’ll find delightful!

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