Disproving Astrology Horoscope Readings by Alyssa Sharpe

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Disproving Astrology Horoscope Readings by Alyssa Sharpe


Disproving Astrology: 13th Sign Ophiuchus and Sign Changes

YOUR SIGN DID NOT CHANGE. Vedic/Sidereal Astrology follows constellations and always has. Western/Tropical Astrology follows the seasons and always has. That’s why in Vedic you are a different sign, BUT from the Astrology that you study and know, you are still the sign you have always been. That shit does not change.

If you are a Sagittarius and you fall in the dates of Ophiuchus, you are not all of a sudden Ophuichus! You are still a Sagittarius, influenced by Ophiuchus the same way your ascendant would influence you, or your moon sign, or anything else.

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