Fall Equinox and Libra New Moon by Tim Halloran

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Astrology ForecastFALL EQUINOX 2014 & LIBRA NEW MOON September 24th, 2014 – Preparing a Different Way with Tim Halloran! After a brief period of stillness there is suddenly a whole lot shifting around in the heavens and we are feeling the tides change here on Earth. The Fall Equinox always means a shift from Earth to Air, we go from plowing the fields to counting out our rations for Winter. It can sometimes feel blunt to have all our light and dark laid out on the table for us to see everything, but it is the opportune time to know what provisions need to be made to balance ourselves out into being the most practical and healthy beings we can be. As Pluto also turns direct today there is a big shift from the world of inner-transformation to seeing those transformations now reverberate throughout the outer world. The New Moon in Libra means we are now moving into a cycle of creating new communities, new friendships and technology. This is a period to set set sail for re-integration with ourselves and the world and we will achieve this by gaining new and higher understanding of our own past, so we can change what has already been repeated and get real momentum taking us forward. We can use this time of sensitivity of us-vs-other to see the depth of the dynamic and not be overly self-critical but rather progressive!

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