Harness the Power of the Eclipses Horoscope Predictions by Barbara Goldsmith

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Harness the Power of the Eclipses Horoscope Predictions by Barbara Goldsmith

New Moon Horoscope

Since March 20th with the most powerful Solar Eclipse dating back to 1662, for the next several horosocpe years we have a series of eclipses that will culminate in 2020. This video looks at the 2 eclipses we just had, their power and their intensity and the next two coming up in September of this horoscope year.

This is a wonderful opportunity for change both personally and globally. If we cooperate and come together we can create a peaceful and happier world. Enjoy!

This wonderful New Moon is a breath of fresh air after the intensity of the two eclipses we had on March 20th and April 4th. This is an opportunity for something new and exciting to come into your life. With Mars in Taurus, you will be able to ground your ideas and make them real. Uranus is trine to Jupiter all horoscope month, so you could receive an unexpected windfall, meet someone exciting, have a sudden breakthrough, …..there’s newness and inspiration in the air. Enjoy!

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