June 19th 2017 Weekly Angel Tarot Oracle by Berry Jones

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June 19th 2017 Weekly Angel Tarot Oracle Reading by Berry Jones

Weekly Tarot


June 19 – 25, 2017 Weekly Angel Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

Archangel Metatron helps you stay focused on the opportunities you’re unable to perceive just yet by uplifting your hearts and minds. An expectation you had may fold and create disappointments. However, the universe is a vast network of inspiration and solutions. There are an infinite amount of doors available for you to open. Seek out these avenues. Surrender your expectations so that you are open to other possibilities. They create blind spots where you might overlook the reason for the journey you were sent on. You have tools that may not be used in the ways you were expecting. However, don’t give up on your skills and talents. Perhaps, you’re summoned to use them in new ways. Look into other applications for their usefulness and explore other approaches. This may be the hidden blessing behind the current outcome. You are experiencing a surge of energy, where things you’ve sown are growing and beginning to take shape. Keep concentrating on your goals, as there are others taking notice. This will lead to new career opportunities, relationships, and winning solutions!

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