May 1st Weekly Astrology Horoscope by Aepril Schaile

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May 1st 2015 Weekly Astrology Horoscope by Aepril Schaile

Weekly Horoscope

Blessed Beltane to those who celebrate! (And blessed Samhain to those who live in the Southern Half!)

The Moon goes Full in Scorpio on May 3rd, 11:27 pm EDT.
Full Moons are about horoscope illumination, and this one lights up the deeper realms of the Soul.

This is the horoscope season of Beltane, and this has to do with celebrating all that is fertile, open hearted, and erotic about the world. Eros is life force. What is erotic is that which is true to itself, and that which moves and changes.

Mercury opposite Saturn in Sagittarius during this Full moon horoscope period invites us to question beliefs. Whatever you are thinking, you are invited to ask yourself: is it true? Is there any other horoscope way possible to look at this thing, or is what-I-am-thinking-100%-without-a-doubt-­certified-I-can-prove-it-in-court-if-I-h­ave-to TRUE? The horoscope answers can sometimes be surprising!

And then there are our judgements of others: Is this judgement I’m making about them, or about myself? What might be true about ME as I am saying or thinking something about someone else? We most often say that which it is that WE ourselves need to hear…

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