November 22nd 2017 Weekly Astrology Horoscope by Tom Lescher

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November 22nd 2017 Weekly Astrology for the Soul Horoscope by Tom Lescher

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Astrology for the Soul November 22, 2017

OK, welcome to the Venus/Mars mutual reception! I could have brought this up awhile ago since it has been active since Venus went into Scorpio (11/7), but still…….. This mutual reception brings up all our relationship issues to the surface to be seen, felt, and dealt with. Probably the biggest one is the passionate desire to connect that can override or blow out some of our circuits that may otherwise see, communicate and discriminate. This can lead to errors in judgement, premature intimacy and indulgence that may lead to future regret. However, at least for the short term, with Jupiter also in Scorpio, it can also lead to some peak experiences you may not forget!

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