November Crystal Card Reading by Anja Lauwers

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November 2014 Monthly Spiritual Crystal Card Reading by Anja Lauwers

Crystal Cards


The Crystal Spirit Oracle is designed for all ages and is user friendly and informative for everybody familiar with crystals, and a wonderful way of getting to know about Crystals for those who are not so familiar.

The Artwork brings in an intimate view of each Crystal enabling the user to celebrate their beautiful colors and structure, so one can look into the Crystal rather than at the Crystal.

Tying in gently to the ‘I AM’ Pools of Light Oracle, Crystal Spirits introduces the Ascended Master and Angel which resonate with each crystal.

The Crystal Spirit Oracle is a fun and informative way to support you in:
Life’s Choices
Introducing you to the Spirits that live within the Crystals
Buying, Cleansing and charging your Crystals.
Connecting to Ascended Masters and Angels through the Crystals
Daily Practises with each Crystal Guided Meditation with each Crystal
Self Enquiry


1 card a day ( a very effective way to use these cards)
Chakra Layout (to find out which Crystal resonates with which chakra)
Planetary Layout (a great yearly layout)
Each card is its own experience and journey, and to journey with each gives a deeper and revealing look into oneself.

Crystal Spirits has been designed to be used as an interactive tool, wonderful to use with friends, in workshops, group meditations or just at home for self-reflection.

Crystal Reading Cards consist of 56 cards, all with exquisite photos of many of the world’s most powerful crystals. Embark on a journey with these crystal reading cards, to a deeper place of love and inspiration in your life. Your deepest questions will be answered with clarity as you open to healing.

This unique set of cards is unique are a healing tool as well as a guidance oracle, an interactive healing and transformation tool. You can choose to use the deck just for healing where you will receive healing energy from the crystals. Or you can choose to seek guidance and direction from the cards.

More powerfully, you can use them for both, it’s up to you.

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