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October 11th 2017 Weekly Astrology Horoscope by Tom Lescher

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October 11th 2017 Weekly Astrology for the Soul Horoscope by Tom Lescher

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Astrology for the Soul October 11, 2017

Yup! That’s what the planets are sayin’ today! However, after finishing the report I realize that I got a little caught up in the “downside” of the scene. Let’s look at the “upside!” How about imagining and working toward a world of relationships without shadow (unacknowledged negative judgments about self and others that get projected and destroy trust)???!!!

AND, with Venus moving into Libra, we also want to look at the benefits of relationships. One is that we can be more, see more, feel more, and create more together than anyone can alone. Another is that when we “spread the Love, share the Love, and feel the Love,” we are healing ourselves, each other, and the world. And third (I’m sure there are many more too and you can make up your own), when they are working they are magical, mystical, and phenomenal! Injoy!

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