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October 19th 2017 New Moon Astrology Horoscope by Barbara Goldsmith

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October 19th 2017 Libra New Moon Astrology Horoscope Predictions by Barbara Goldsmith

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New Moon in Libra October 19 / 20 | Soul Relationships

At 26 degrees 35 minutes Sun Moon are in Libra, Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio – All in a Stellium – and ALL OPPOSING URANUS. Strong need to break out and create something new and more vibrant in all your relationships.
Freedom will be a keyword.

If stagnation and stuckness has been present – get ready for movement and change This New Moon gives you the opportunity to rewire your relationships – to meet new and exciting people, to recreate or release your existing relationships, to see that we are ALL connected and that you can have exciting interactions with EVERY person you meet!


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