Daily Planet Pulse for 25th December by Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer

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After listening to this daily Planet Pulse prediction, I’m looking forward to tonight, because Mars is moving into Aquarius… transitional day, eh ?

Michele Knight Gives Aquarius 2013 Overview

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Ah, all you lucky Aquariuses… Michele Knight published your yearly horoscope first!!! If my ascendant wasn’t in Aquarius, I’d be officially jealous of all you water bearers LOL

Yearly Horoscope for 2013 with Patrick Arundell

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Yet another 2013 video horoscope series, this time created by Patrick Arundell, who regularly publishes his weekly updates. Thank you Patrick! Libra predictions for  2013 Scorpio predictions for  2013 Sagittarius predictions for   2013 Capricorn predictions for   2013 Aquarius predictions for  2013 Pisces predictions for 2013 Aries predictions for 2013 Taurus predictions for  2013 […]

Diana Garland Horoscope for 2013

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Diana Garland is known for her detailed and insightful horoscope readings and she really made my day with the brand new 2013 predictions: Virgo 2013 Taurus 2013 Scorpio 2013 Sagittarius 2013 Pisces 2013 Gemini 2013 Capricorn 2013 Cancer 2013 Aries 2013 Aquarius 2013 Libra 2013 Leo 2013 Virgo 2013:

Planet Pulse for 23rd December 2012 by Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer

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While I was searching for quality video horoscopes on different zodiac signs, I came across TarotDotCom youtube channel, where you are  given  a daily overview of the  planet pulse. horoscopewise of course.  It was a bit too short, so I watched it a several times. Nevertheless, their horoscope signs descriptions are awesome. As regards their daily […]

January 2013 Videoscope by Jean Wiley

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Another treat today! Jean Wiley posted her January 2013 videoscopes ! If you missed her December 2012 horoscope  predictions, make sure you don’t miss the upcoming ones! Zodiac sign of Aries Zodiac sign of Taurus Zodiac sign of Gemini Zodiac sign of Cancer Zodiac sign of Leo Zodiac sign of Virgo Zodiac sign of Libra […]

Weekly Horoscope with Patrick Arundell

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If you are hooked to Patrick Arundell’s Youtube channel, you’ve probably noticed that he’s just published his new series of weekly horoscope for: geminis cancers leos virgos libras scorpios sagittariuses capricorns aquariuses pisces aries tauruses