Special Thanksgiving Astrology Edition by Rick Levine

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Special Thanksgiving Astrology Edition by Rick Levine

Thanksgiving Astrology


Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday, or Thor’s Day. Thor is the Norse god, equivalent to the Roman god Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, a fire astrology sign. In Astrology, Sagittarius is about inspiration, transcendance, and stepping outside your usual routine. So today, try new things and be thankful for good fellowship! It’s turkey time again, that special astrology time of year when families come together around the kitchen table. If you want to keep everyone happy and upbeat, create a balanced, harmonious feast by offering that perfect little astrology something. Enjoy.

Sagittarius has an unbreakable astrology sense of curiosity, so try to include some edibles that have a historical or cultural significance to them, such as an astrology authentically prepared native American dish or a favorite recipe by a historic figure such as Martha Washington. If you know why we eat cornbread, or why squash was important to early Americans, slip this info into your astrology conversations and you’ll keep Sagittarius wide-eyed and engaged.

Capricorn hates all-things avant-garde and eccentric, so keep the meal as traditional as astrology possible. Capricorns also deeply respect refined offerings such as a special wine or a turkey that comes from one of the best farms in the area. If you planned your meal on a budget, do not share this knowledge with a Capricorn guest. And they’ll be happiest astrology sitting next to your quieter, more conservative guests.

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