Spiritual Alignment Series Horoscope Readings by Simon Vorster

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Spiritual Alignment Series Horoscope Readings by Simon Vorster

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Here on simonvorster we learn about how to create self-empowerment and to liberation humanity from the conditioning patters of the past.
To create self awareness – help in raising our vibrations.

I aim to help you find the answers to the horoscope questions; Why am I here? What is my purpose? Who am I? How can I achieve my goals? And ultimately how to take charge of your life! Horoscope does not predict or control our lives as we are the creators of our destiny. It merely reflects how we will experience our journey. I bring a unique insight into how the horoscope universe expresses itself through us. The Soul learns about itself through experiencing life. The experiences are what make us who we are. Using Evolutionary Astrology as a tool we can find out what lies beneath each experience. Though working with me, I bring through a state of awareness that begins a realignment of the Spirit – The Soul – The Ego.

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