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Sun and Jupiter Mutual Aspect Astrology Horoscope by Kapiel Raaj

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 Sun and Jupiter Mutual Aspect Astrology Horoscope by Kapiel Raaj

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Unless Saturn is also involved with this aspect, individuals with Sun conjunct Jupiter in their natal charts are enthusiastic and optimistic. They truly expect the best—from themselves, from others, and from life. They prefer to see the good in the world.

Their confidence in everything turning out all right can also get them into some horoscope trouble. Over-indulgence in food or drink, gambling, shopping—whatever their pleasure—is a high possibility, simply because these people can be procrastinators and put too much faith in life “fixing” horoscope things on its own. They might eat just for the sake of eating, indulge in expensive items temporarily forgetting the horoscope reality of the bill arriving the following month, and so forth. It can be hard for them to save money.

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