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Terra Merck horoscope predictions

Terra Merck Horoscope Predictions for December 2013

26 Nov / by: admin / 0 comments / tags :

I am sure you all have noticed that Terra Merck has made a few months’ break in posting her fabulous astrological predictions. Luckily, this is behind us and here come her new December 2013 predictions for each sign of the Zodiac. Not all of them are published yet, but I’ll be adding them as they […]

Terra Merck horoscope predictions

Terra Merck 2013 Horoscope

02 Jan / by: admin / 0 comments / tags :

One of my favourite astrologers is Terra Merck for sure! Two days ago she published her detailed horoscope predictions for 2013 and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them! Don’t forget to listen to not only your Sun sign, but your Moon sign and Ascendant as well: 2013 January  Astrology for Aries 2013  January Astrology for Taurus […]

Kapiel Raaj astrology

Learn Astrology – Lesson 1

01 Jan / by: admin / 0 comments / tags : ,,

While looking for simple and easy video astrology lessons on Youtube, I  discovered that Kapiel Raaj published great videos with which you can learn astrology step by step. So, let’s start from step 1: Astrology lesson 1: Make sure that you have your personal horoscope reading done, so that you can learn along with your own […]

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