Week Ahead Astrology Horoscope by Steve Judd

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Mid – Late April 2015 Week Ahead Astrology Horoscope by Steve Judd

Weekly Horoscope


And it’s all going to happen in the next 72 hours, along with a couple of big void moons.

The Mercury Retrograde horoscope cycle is currently in full constrain so hard inquiries concerning travel, transport, mail, web and media will keep on sending us in reverse and advances, as nothing is determined and everything is liable to change, postponement or a condition of suspended horoscope movement. What was proclaimed or done from May 4th now uncovers itself to have quite recently been a dress practice or false horoscope begin, as we’ll see this horoscope week. For a full clarification of this cycle please see stories about Mercury beforehand posted on this site, sooner or later back. Gemini has ruled household and whole deal travel, driving, the overall web, the postal administration and the press in horoscope for quite a while in soothsaying. At the horoscope point when Mercury retrogrades in Gemini tragically we do have extreme issues to manage, through June

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